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Let Iceland cure the Break-up hangover!

Breaking up with someone is like moving out of an old house – It takes time and effort, and it requires you to let go of stuff. It also allows you to reevaluate yourself away from your ex-significant other.

If you’re going through a tough breakup, the last thing you want to do is lock yourself up in your room and waste away in your newly found solitude. Think of this as a grand opportunity. You should explore! Travel! And get your arse over to Iceland!

In Iceland, new experiences are waiting for you at every turn, and they will teach you important things about yourself and the type of people you attract. Your breakup might feel like the end of the world now, but us Icelanders often say jæja, which means, “Oh well. This will go okay.”  Treat your breakup like the beginning of a new relationship, the most important relationship of all: the one with yourself!

Here are 5 proven ways to get rid of the “break up hangover” in Iceland:

1.Stop stalking your ex

Want a great reason to stop stalking your ex on social media? (You know the answer to that is ‘YES!’) Start by opening an Instagram account, then2016-05-28 21.56.06-2 hop on a plane to Iceland and smile big to the world with a bunch of happy people you’ve just met! Eventually you’ll stop thinking about your ex (who?) and appreciate all of the weird, elf-loving locals you meet in Reykjavik. Let your ex go and move on. There are plenty of fish (and Icelanders) out there. Use the #reykjavikinsider and get in the pool to swim with other Iceland bound travelers 😉

2.Remember your passions

This is a chance for you to remember what you’re passionate about and pursue it again. We often forget about what brought us real happiness before falling in love, and with your ex you were always compromising for them. Now it’s time to focus on you! You never know where this pursuit might lead you, and Iceland is the perfect place to find that out! WOW, is that a waterfall?

3.Experience the nightlife

Be franc. You haven’t been out as much as you did before your relationship. It’s okay, it happens to most of us. Reykjavik is your perfect opportunity to get out and explore a little, flirt again and have a few laughs with new people! Icelanders are pretty easy-going, so they have no trouble talking with strangers. But don’t get hooked up on the popular rumor that you will have sex on the first night – things are changing. Use this breakup and a visit to downtown Reykjavik to remember who you are as a single individual! Get to know people in the Viking Pub Crawl. Use PROMO RINSIDER for 15% discount in August.



4.Forgive and forget

This might be the most important one. You should forgive your ex and you should forgive yourself. Forgiveness isn’t easy! But when accomplished, it’s a virtue that shows the character in a person. And you want to be a person with a lot of character.

5.Embrace your freedom

Do you have what it takes to move on? To embrace your newly found freedom? A tough breakup is the perfect test. When you have the right attitude, being single is actually pretty great. It’s a chance to focus on yourself and an opportunity to work on self-improvement. Also, Iceland has very handsome men and some of the most beautiful women in the world. Unsure? Google Birkir Bjarnason and take a walk around Reykjavik, then get in touch and tell us we’ve been lying :’D

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When you’re ready, it can also be a chance to meet other people and be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Give yourself the gift of freedom, and better yet, the gift of some fresh Icelandic air. Iceland has so much to offer. You should be over your breakup hangover in no time! Just don’t get knocked up, or knock someone up 😉

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