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Bored In Reykjavik? 4 Things To DO If You Have Extra Time

Bored in Reykjavik? 4 Things To Do if You Have Extra Time

You’ve been whale watching, walked down Laugarvegur a few times and had enough of the puffin stores, and maybe even hopped onto one of those Reykjavik tour buses. You have a couple days left on your vacation… Now what?

Don’t get discouraged. Truth is, there are plenty of things to do in Iceland’s capital city beyond planned tours!

You’ve already taken the first step to relieving your boredom by finding this article – congratulations! The next steps are vitally important, so keeping reading for four
non-touristy activities to do when you have extra time.

1. Exercise
Let’s be honest, sometimes we forget about exercising while travelling (whether it’s on accident or on purpose). RunningJogging around Reykjavik can take you to some awesome places not explored on the tourist maps, Reykjavik offering plenty of jogging paths and beautiful scenery to enjoy! You could even join @runningingreykjavik and meet locals!

2. Grocery shop
Foreign grocery stores can often look strange, so taking a stroll through one of the Icelandic groceries can be a fun way to relieve boredom and see another side of this culture you wouldn’t see otherwise. And who knows, you might stumble upon a local secret – like Harðfiskur or Lárperumauk! And picking up local ingredients at the store is the first step to a great night of entertaining your family and friends with delicious Icelandic dishes – and major brownie points!

3. Check MEETUP
There are often anonymous MeetUp’s all over town, but why not try to start your own? Like Teacher For Drinking Icelandic Beer Wanted MEETUP? What’s better than getting someone to teach you a few words in Icelandic for quality time and a few pints? SKÁL! (Cheers!) MEETUP can definitely be worth your time. If you create a MEETUP please tell us about it at and we promise to show up with the good mood 

4. Get lost in the city
When in doubt, walk. Start walking in a direction you’ve never been before. The best things are usually the ones you find accidentally, so start exploring without a map and see what treasures you stumble upon!

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There is nothing worse than being bored, BUT you never have to stay bored! Try one, or all, of these tips, and if you still find yourself wondering what to do you can send us an email and we’ll hook you up on our email newsletter. We have plenty of events, opportunities, and loads of fun things for you to do in Reykjavik! The best things about getting lost is taking pictures, posting them on Instagram and facebook and tagging #reykjavikinsider and just make it look like you know what your doing 

We hope you like our guide for fun things to do in Reykjavik. The first step to relieving your boredom was reading this article, now the next step is to get out there and enjoy Iceland’s capital city!

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