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Reykjavik Insider provides a unique, guided beer experience in Reykjavik. Sample local beers, learn how it is made and explore Reykjavik’s nightlife. Iceland’s craft breweries are actively competing to perfect every art of the craft there is and we'll teach all about it. Beer day is now a tradition in Iceland and you should open your ears when you hear why. We’ll start off with a Beer sample platter where you get samples of four excellent beers brewed by the award winning Akureyri-based beer brewer before advancing to 64°Distillery cocktail which fusions your taste buds with while hearing about those stories from the prohibition times. To top things off we walk to a secret bar and enjoy our last drinks in cozy atmosphere and keep the conversation going and leave it up to you to have the drinks flowing into the night. The tour is your perfect mix of Icelandic culture, history and the modern era of beer drinking in company of good friends, great guides and perfect drinks.

The Local Craft Beer Tour includes:

  •  craft beer platter
  • Three exceptional Icelandic beers
  • All need to know about Icelandic beer culture
  • Meet new people and experience Reykjavik with a local guide

Price: 14.990 ISK 

Don't miss out on the most interesting beer tour in the arctic!
Quality over Quantity:
We limit the maximum number of people to 10 per tour.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Questions you thought you would never have answers to:

-What did Icelanders drink instead of beer for 74 years?
-Why did they ban beer?
-What’s so special about Icelandic beer and why should I care?

 All participants welcome but must be 20+ years and bring to drink. Please take a valid photo ID. The Local Food and Beer Tour requires a minimum of two guests in order to run. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information or special requests!


Frederiksen Ale House


2.5 Hours


14990 ISK

Dress Code:

Dress smart


Contact us for personalised tours or for requests on non listed dates


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